Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pet treats can make you rich!

So, I'm not really great about keeping up with this whole blogging thing. I have all these great thoughts in my head & by the time I get to actually write anything down, *POOF* it's gone. Having 2 boys really kills the memory department of my brain.

Today, however, wasn't a bad morning & I have some time to type before having to go get our oldest from school. I had a huge tangent conversation in my head while doing dishes. It first started with how I never finished this song I was working on for a female blogger I had been following. I think that I just felt too distance from her (I don't know why), & my heart wasn't in it. I decided that I would write a different song, for the new mommy blogger I had been stalking... errr, following. She has actually liked or responded to things I have said on her FB page. Being acknowledged by another person with kids that drive you nuts can have an uplifting affect.

While I was thinking about song lyrics, I couldn't help but think of the old song & of that blogger. It made me think of the old posts from her I had read. One in particular was about how she had to be the escort to a political cat or something. It had me thinking, "What happens when the cat dies?" "Would another cat run for office the next term?"

It made me laugh & I thought about how when people leave all of their inheritance to a cat & people try to gain custody of the cat. I am sure most people like that let the pet choose. So, moral of the story, if you ever have to go to a will reading & you know pets will be involved, make sure you have awesome pet treats in your pockets.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok, SO I understand that not a lot of readers actually read what I write, but I still like the idea that someday, when my kids think that I have lost my mine, I can go back to this blog & give them details of exactly how our lives were & they will either realize that I am not going crazy, or that I have always been crazy.

I have been doing more photography lately. That means taking more pictures with film, developing prints, etc. I put my stuff in another show & had to pay money to do it. It wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't keep your money after they deny your work... bastards at the paper. However, my most beloved friend gave me a great idea!

Me: They didn't accept my pieces for the show downtown.

Her: Booooo!!!! Burn the building down!!!!!!

Me: Nobody reads the damn paper anymore anyways!

Her: Exactly! Give Leland a broom and some fire and have him run around the venue!

Me: Because who's gonna punch a baby, right?

Her: Exactly! And then you can sue them for letting your kid burn down the building, they should of been on top of that shit.

Me: Poor security, you're lucky he didn't die!

Her: Reckless endangerment! And child abuse because they punched a baby! Monsters.

Me: Exactly, it's a classic story of  "damned if ya don't, damned if ya do"

Her: It would just be best if they just set fire their own building, that way they wouldn't have to deal with any law suits.

Me: I agree, that way they could keep all the insurance money to themselves

Her: They would have to make it look like an electrical thing, or like a 2 year old with a flaming broom did it

So see, obviously our second son will be a pyro & we just need to find a creative outlet for this upcoming masterpiece. That is the lesson I took away from this.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Like blender mush

Well, once again, it's that time where I see that I haven't written a damn thing in a while. I want to. I used to say some pretty damn witty things to myself all the time. Hence, my starting, (and naming) of the blog. And as I type this one-handed, while holding a half naked child, I realize that it doesn't matter how many blogs I post or what they are about.

So, I thought that I would go ahead & type about nothing. Why not?

Nothing, really... really?


Isn't that Seinfeld's thing?

Seinfeld was an entire show about nothing, this is just a post about nothing.

You've done that before, blogged about nothing.

But usually, I post about something, so as long as my entire blog isn't about nothing, it's ok. For damn sakes, it's called, "I do that all the time" not, "If Seinfeld was blogging".

I guess, you might want to start another blog, you know to write about nothing.

I can't do that, I already have two other blogs for photography projects I am working on that I don't post enough in already.

You're like a failed writer, "I can't seem to finish this book, I will just start another" & there starts the cycle.

So, I apparently have become an unpaid publishing writer with no real ambition.

Yes, you aren't getting paid for posting things to the internet without any real meaning.

OK, I am glad that has been established.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sexy Slushy Time!

I was going to start this blog on a different subject, but by itself would not be as great as the conversation I had with my husband, & by conversation, I mean as he talked, I laughed.

First off, we had just put the boys to bed & decided to do some cleaning up. As we were in the kitchen, he decides to suddenly puff out his cheeks & try to kiss me all "Sunny with a chance of meatballs" kind of way. I giggle & lean in... I burst out laughing, but he has convidence that "we can do this!" So, I puff out my cheeks, he puffs his, we touch lips & I lose it. My lips start to leak air & I am spittering at him & he laughs & starts up again. Each time I am laughing & my cheeks begin to hurt from the process. The next time we try I close my eyes & he laughs & screws it up. He tells me that we just need to try again, so I tell him that I closed my eyes the last time b/c I thought not seeing it would help, & he agrees, closes his eyes & leans in before I am ready. This made me lose it & I couldn't stop laughing.

A few minutes go by & he asks if I want something to drink. He told me he wished we had some slushy left from when we went to the store, which btw, if we did, it would be melted. Anyhow, I point out to him that he could go to the corner to the gas station where they sell slushies & get one:

Husband: That is a great idea

Me: You don't have to go, it's late.

Husabnd: No, no, no, it's gonna happen, it's sexy slushy time.

Me: Sexy slushy time?

Husband: Yes, there's gonna be a slushy party in my mouth, there's going to be juice all over my face.

Me: Laughter

Husband: Yes, I am going to make layer upon layer of delicious sexy flavors of slushy.

And he gets ready to leave.

Needless to say, I will now be having a slushy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mega 80's, wah-POW!

I love the 80's. Hell, I was born in the 80's. That's why I love the going to Mega 80's. http://mega80s.com/ If you don't have a local band in your area that can not only sing 80's pop, but then end the night in 80's rock, then I feel sorry for you. And when I mean sing, they can really sing. It's not some karaoke sing-a-long, they sing like it's their job. Because it is. They go around in the MI area & usually preform in my area once or twice a month. I wish I could go every month, but having 2 kids at home, I settle for 3 times a year.
What does one where to such a thing? 80's inspired attire of course! That's not too hard since the bright colors are making a come back. I have always had some 80's clothes, so I was ahead of the trend anyways. The first time I went I didn't have a whole lot of it going on, & I looked way out of place. The more you go, the more you know. I have seen women show up in 80's wedding dresses & prom dresses. I have seen men show up in tight shorty shorts & Vice suits. My husband has a Jack Burton tank top he wears. Needless to say, I am looking forward to Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right....

Monday, February 13, 2012

It has not been 3 mos!

   It has only been like 2.5 mos since my last post thank you! I do hope that I can blog a bit more in the months to come. I kinda shut down in the winter, which I think is funny b/c I thought blogging would give me something to do, but oh well.
   Any way, we got our taxes! We also have 2 kids & are poor! So that means we have one time a year to get the things we need, lol. This year our big ticket item was a used Pacifica. It's a Chrysler, so that means luxury! This is what happens when you go to the store in it:

Me: There's a spot, that car is leaving. Wait, did he just just completely back out & re-park?
VL: He did, he totally looked like he was leaving!
Me: WTH! This is a luxury vehicle!
We all laugh
(There's a total of three of us in the car, all female)

Me: Fine whatever, he apparently didn't see us.
(I believe that VL called him a Peck or something)
We drive past the car to the end & turn left to where shoppers are leaving.

VL: You could have hit those people!
Me: L-U-X-U-R-Y vehicle.
VL: Get out of the way, peasants!

Me: You apparently don't understand the power of luxury! I do, from what I have learned from you mother-in-law.
VL: That is true (snickering)

Me: Is that another luxury vehicle? (It's another Pacifica, coming from the other direction
VL: It is! Same color & everything!

It turns down the aisle before I can.

Me: It just took my spot, but that's ok, it's a LUXURY vehicle.
VL: This is acceptable.
Me: I'll just park right next to it then, it'll be a luxury party!
(There was a spot right next to it)

As we get out of the vehicle, we notice that there is a Lexus next to us too. I had no idea that there was a luxury parking spot area at the store! I also saw across from the front of the vehicles, there were three Chevy SUV's. One in front of each of the Elite. I pointed out that it was a stand off between the luxury vehicles & the wanna be's. When we came back out after shopping, it was apparent we won. One of the Chevy's was gone, & the Pacifica next to me was replaced by a Lexus for 2 total. HA!

Monday, November 28, 2011


I know it's been a while since I have written anything. Life has gotten busy & I am easily distracted. I had been on TheBloggess's cite, & after the conversation I had with m husband last night, I had to jump on here & write it. The reason why I started blogging to begin with, was so that I would have like a virtual journal. We have enough note books & crap around here, & I didn't want to add to it. Not to mention that if it got lost, I would cry. I just want something to prove to our children that we were always this crazy.

Anyhow, when I was pregnant with Leland back in 2010, I ended up developing periodontal disease. It was taken care of after I had him, but my gums are still sensitive. While flossing my teeth last night, I was thinking to myself that I could totally see loosing a couple of them in my forties(not that my teeth are gross) & expressed that to my husband.

He held me, told me to look at him, & while gazing into his eyes he said,

Him: "Don't worry, if you start losing teeth, I'll pull mine out & we can get titanium ones bolted in.

Me: "So, if I start losing my teeth, you're going to replace them with titanium ones?"

Him: "Yes, but don't worry, I'll let you pick out the bat."

This is the kind of love I married, lol.