Friday, July 29, 2011

When will I no longer be a boob?

Our 13 mo old is learning more words. It can be really cute. Sometimes, if we are playing with Elon, he'll mimic noises & patterns, too. Lately, his favorite word is "that". "That" is usually followed by him jabbing my breast with his pointy baby finger. As I was sitting, he came walking to me & saying "up". I went to go pick him up & as I was saying,"I Love-", I was cut off by him yelling "BOOB" at me. To reassure myself that he understands the new word he yelled at me, I asked if he wanted boobie. He then began jabbing me in the thats.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I do that all the time!

So, I have this friend that I love dearly. If it wasn't for our husbands, we would run away to Vermont, together.(thank you spell checker for reminding me to capitalize Vermont). She showed me this wonderful blog that made me not hate blogging anymore. That made me check out a blog that my friend has on FB & after reading what these people put up, I thought,"I do that all the time". Meaning, I blog to myself inside my head all day! Why don't I just let other people read it. Yeah, then I won't be lonely...