Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pet treats can make you rich!

So, I'm not really great about keeping up with this whole blogging thing. I have all these great thoughts in my head & by the time I get to actually write anything down, *POOF* it's gone. Having 2 boys really kills the memory department of my brain.

Today, however, wasn't a bad morning & I have some time to type before having to go get our oldest from school. I had a huge tangent conversation in my head while doing dishes. It first started with how I never finished this song I was working on for a female blogger I had been following. I think that I just felt too distance from her (I don't know why), & my heart wasn't in it. I decided that I would write a different song, for the new mommy blogger I had been stalking... errr, following. She has actually liked or responded to things I have said on her FB page. Being acknowledged by another person with kids that drive you nuts can have an uplifting affect.

While I was thinking about song lyrics, I couldn't help but think of the old song & of that blogger. It made me think of the old posts from her I had read. One in particular was about how she had to be the escort to a political cat or something. It had me thinking, "What happens when the cat dies?" "Would another cat run for office the next term?"

It made me laugh & I thought about how when people leave all of their inheritance to a cat & people try to gain custody of the cat. I am sure most people like that let the pet choose. So, moral of the story, if you ever have to go to a will reading & you know pets will be involved, make sure you have awesome pet treats in your pockets.