Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok, SO I understand that not a lot of readers actually read what I write, but I still like the idea that someday, when my kids think that I have lost my mine, I can go back to this blog & give them details of exactly how our lives were & they will either realize that I am not going crazy, or that I have always been crazy.

I have been doing more photography lately. That means taking more pictures with film, developing prints, etc. I put my stuff in another show & had to pay money to do it. It wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't keep your money after they deny your work... bastards at the paper. However, my most beloved friend gave me a great idea!

Me: They didn't accept my pieces for the show downtown.

Her: Booooo!!!! Burn the building down!!!!!!

Me: Nobody reads the damn paper anymore anyways!

Her: Exactly! Give Leland a broom and some fire and have him run around the venue!

Me: Because who's gonna punch a baby, right?

Her: Exactly! And then you can sue them for letting your kid burn down the building, they should of been on top of that shit.

Me: Poor security, you're lucky he didn't die!

Her: Reckless endangerment! And child abuse because they punched a baby! Monsters.

Me: Exactly, it's a classic story of  "damned if ya don't, damned if ya do"

Her: It would just be best if they just set fire their own building, that way they wouldn't have to deal with any law suits.

Me: I agree, that way they could keep all the insurance money to themselves

Her: They would have to make it look like an electrical thing, or like a 2 year old with a flaming broom did it

So see, obviously our second son will be a pyro & we just need to find a creative outlet for this upcoming masterpiece. That is the lesson I took away from this.