Friday, April 6, 2012

Like blender mush

Well, once again, it's that time where I see that I haven't written a damn thing in a while. I want to. I used to say some pretty damn witty things to myself all the time. Hence, my starting, (and naming) of the blog. And as I type this one-handed, while holding a half naked child, I realize that it doesn't matter how many blogs I post or what they are about.

So, I thought that I would go ahead & type about nothing. Why not?

Nothing, really... really?


Isn't that Seinfeld's thing?

Seinfeld was an entire show about nothing, this is just a post about nothing.

You've done that before, blogged about nothing.

But usually, I post about something, so as long as my entire blog isn't about nothing, it's ok. For damn sakes, it's called, "I do that all the time" not, "If Seinfeld was blogging".

I guess, you might want to start another blog, you know to write about nothing.

I can't do that, I already have two other blogs for photography projects I am working on that I don't post enough in already.

You're like a failed writer, "I can't seem to finish this book, I will just start another" & there starts the cycle.

So, I apparently have become an unpaid publishing writer with no real ambition.

Yes, you aren't getting paid for posting things to the internet without any real meaning.

OK, I am glad that has been established.