Monday, February 13, 2012

It has not been 3 mos!

   It has only been like 2.5 mos since my last post thank you! I do hope that I can blog a bit more in the months to come. I kinda shut down in the winter, which I think is funny b/c I thought blogging would give me something to do, but oh well.
   Any way, we got our taxes! We also have 2 kids & are poor! So that means we have one time a year to get the things we need, lol. This year our big ticket item was a used Pacifica. It's a Chrysler, so that means luxury! This is what happens when you go to the store in it:

Me: There's a spot, that car is leaving. Wait, did he just just completely back out & re-park?
VL: He did, he totally looked like he was leaving!
Me: WTH! This is a luxury vehicle!
We all laugh
(There's a total of three of us in the car, all female)

Me: Fine whatever, he apparently didn't see us.
(I believe that VL called him a Peck or something)
We drive past the car to the end & turn left to where shoppers are leaving.

VL: You could have hit those people!
Me: L-U-X-U-R-Y vehicle.
VL: Get out of the way, peasants!

Me: You apparently don't understand the power of luxury! I do, from what I have learned from you mother-in-law.
VL: That is true (snickering)

Me: Is that another luxury vehicle? (It's another Pacifica, coming from the other direction
VL: It is! Same color & everything!

It turns down the aisle before I can.

Me: It just took my spot, but that's ok, it's a LUXURY vehicle.
VL: This is acceptable.
Me: I'll just park right next to it then, it'll be a luxury party!
(There was a spot right next to it)

As we get out of the vehicle, we notice that there is a Lexus next to us too. I had no idea that there was a luxury parking spot area at the store! I also saw across from the front of the vehicles, there were three Chevy SUV's. One in front of each of the Elite. I pointed out that it was a stand off between the luxury vehicles & the wanna be's. When we came back out after shopping, it was apparent we won. One of the Chevy's was gone, & the Pacifica next to me was replaced by a Lexus for 2 total. HA!


  1. I think you need to keep monocles and top hats in that thing. I felt vastly under dressed!