Friday, March 9, 2012

Sexy Slushy Time!

I was going to start this blog on a different subject, but by itself would not be as great as the conversation I had with my husband, & by conversation, I mean as he talked, I laughed.

First off, we had just put the boys to bed & decided to do some cleaning up. As we were in the kitchen, he decides to suddenly puff out his cheeks & try to kiss me all "Sunny with a chance of meatballs" kind of way. I giggle & lean in... I burst out laughing, but he has convidence that "we can do this!" So, I puff out my cheeks, he puffs his, we touch lips & I lose it. My lips start to leak air & I am spittering at him & he laughs & starts up again. Each time I am laughing & my cheeks begin to hurt from the process. The next time we try I close my eyes & he laughs & screws it up. He tells me that we just need to try again, so I tell him that I closed my eyes the last time b/c I thought not seeing it would help, & he agrees, closes his eyes & leans in before I am ready. This made me lose it & I couldn't stop laughing.

A few minutes go by & he asks if I want something to drink. He told me he wished we had some slushy left from when we went to the store, which btw, if we did, it would be melted. Anyhow, I point out to him that he could go to the corner to the gas station where they sell slushies & get one:

Husband: That is a great idea

Me: You don't have to go, it's late.

Husabnd: No, no, no, it's gonna happen, it's sexy slushy time.

Me: Sexy slushy time?

Husband: Yes, there's gonna be a slushy party in my mouth, there's going to be juice all over my face.

Me: Laughter

Husband: Yes, I am going to make layer upon layer of delicious sexy flavors of slushy.

And he gets ready to leave.

Needless to say, I will now be having a slushy

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