Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Always planning...

While I was washing the dishes today, I realized that if a zombie were to break through my sliding glass door, I might be doomed! Sure, I could probably kill it, but what if more came? I have to get my son from his room & safely into ours. The baby is already napping in my room, but none-the-less, the zombie(s) would see me run through apartment from where I was at. I will have to arm myself with the cast iron skillet from the stove & run down the hallway. Hopefully, I can slip into my room before having to swing at anything. I am sure that this will wake the baby up, so no added stress there! Luckily, I have a dresser right next to the door, but the closet door is right next to that & the closet has a walk through to the bathroom. We usually always close the bathroom door, so I should be able to easily barricade that door from the inside before they notice. I say they b/c I am certain that with the amount of time that has passed, more have come. My real concern is the bedroom window. All I have is a hunting knife in the bedroom, nothing to hammer parts of the crib up against the window with. I think I will move the tool box to the closet... Sure, I could just keep myself in the closet & bathroom area, but this apartment is solid concrete. I barely get any signal, so I  need to be close to the window, even if boarded, in order to be able to contact my husband to let him know where we are & that we are under attack in our home.

From his arrival, would it be better to go to the Frank's or try to drive to my mother's house? The Frank's are only 8 min away & have a condo on the second floor. It would be pretty easy to defend & not too hard to check before trying to leave for supplies. My mother's house in about 20 min away & kinda in the country. She also has well water at her two story house. On the 2nd floor, she has 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths & a fire place in one of the rooms. We could also get solar panels & place those on top of the garage. She is also in the middle of the front 5 acres of land they have, & there aren't really any trees, so visibility is great.

In short: Move tool box into the bedroom. Always leave skillet on the stove. After grabbing boys & barricading doors/window, make contact with husband & the Franks. Move to Frank's for short term until we can get to my mother's.

That's my zombie survival plan, for now. Where's yours?

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  1. While I'm at work I'm pretty much boned. Too many truck bays and no good way to secure them. I'll have to get out and get to my car. I'd probably grab the fire extinguisher that is in the room behind my desk as a weapon, you could crack a skull with that.
    I could go to the airport and try to catch a flight to some where that isn't infected but there are TONS of people at the airport and if even one of them has been infected I'm screwed.
    It's probably safer to just go home and wait for your call. We did recently find a large hunting knife in our closet so that would be a good close range weapon and we do have a croquet mallet in the house just in case (also, cast iron skillets).
    After that the plan is wait for you to get there and then go to your mom's house.

    Done and done.