Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stupid, face

A few days ago I noticed I have two wrinkles forming across my forehead. My husband is the one turning 30 in 10 days, where the fuck are his wrinkles? Wait, that's right, he's half Hmong. Damn asian gene is going to have him looking  younger than me soon. Bastard is 3 yrs older than me, too. Apparently, while he was showing a video of our son to his teacher Monday night, she saw me in it & said I looked young. Good thing he didn't have the HD zoomed in on my face. I dye my hair. No secret. I love to punk it up, so why can't I start graying? Nope, let's just put aging out there in a form I can't cover up.


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  2. I've got the "thinking" wrinkle between my eyebrows. But, I've also started to find grey hairs. Good thing I dye my hair an INSANE red color and all the greys seem to be on the underside of my bangs so, double bonus!
    Start drawing wrinkles on his face with permanent marker while he sleeps. Or just draw a big penis on his cheek pointing into his mouth. When he asks you why the hell there is a penis drawn on his face you can just say "looks like your getting some wrinkles, you are almost 30 you know" and then just walk away. That'll show him!