Friday, August 12, 2011

I really should be supervised...

So, it's that time of the month. No, not that time of the month. My hair grows so fast that every 3-4 wks I have to think if I am going to cut it, color it, etc. I wanted a more predominant mohawk, so I decided that I would just section my hair off & cut the old color off. I texted my husband to let him know what I wanted to do, which he never minds. He likes the short punky look anyways. So, I thought that during the baby's nap, I would just jump into it. It had been a while since I cut my own hair, but thought that it would be like riding a bike. WRONG. As I was trying to section my hair, the baby woke up & didn't want to go back to bed, something to do with teething, apparently. Even though the part I did on the left side of my head seemed straight, it wasn't until I was done & parting the other side that I noticed it was narrower than I wanted. So, yes, it is a mohawk. No faux hawk here. I am hoping that after I dye it, it will look better than in it's current state. All I could do half way through this was laugh at how "Tank Girl" I looked. I really should be supervised while doing my hair.


  1. Sweety, you need to be supervised all the time. I pay your 3 year old good money to make sure you don't drink stuff from under the sink.

  2. I was wondering why he thought he had a college fund.